Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The First Video! A few tips to keep you on track this Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. A quick video which may help you out, over a potentially tricky period. 

Feel free to post any comments and questions, or send this link to family and friends. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Pink Challenge- Time is running out

Good evening to all...... Heres the update 

There was a point today where 6 comments were logged in matter of seconds, now I have to admit I did start to sweat! However with only 4 days to I am still floating high on a cloud of confidence. No pink for me! 

In fact I am so confident that I willing to up my offer. 50 comments in total, currently we have 25, you have 4 days to double it! Lets see what you've got then! 

Remember to type you email at the bottom of the blog page, to receive the latest posts on all aspects of health, wellbeing and fitness. Next week I will be realising some festive articles that I have been working on to help you through christmas period. 


Monday, 5 December 2011

Pink Challenge Update

Just a Quick One

Now 3 days into the challenge and only 6 posts, I am starting to feel very confident that I wont be seeing any pink before christmas....... So come guys surely you can do better than that.

Remember to check the blog tomorrow, I am writing a piece on food triggers. Could be really useful information as we enter the Christmas Period!!! Two words... mince pies!


Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Big Pink Challenge

Okay so its the first of December and I feeling surprisingly festive already, so in the Christmas Spirit I am offering you guys the chance to embarrass me beyond belief.

The Challenge is..... below this post there a comment box if within two weeks there is 100 or more names in the box I will... (I am going to regret this) do a whole Zumba Class dressed entirely in pink. The only condition is you must put your full name in the box. If you want to comment with your name go to the comment box, scroll down the list and select name/url or anonymous and post away!

I also promise to post the embarrassing photos on the blog, Facebook and Twitter (I must be crazy)!

You have two weeks only.... let the challenge begin!  

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