Tuesday, 29 November 2011

January 1st 2012........ Why wait?

This Blog is for anyone on a weight loss journey! As we enter December are you on track or do you find yourself thinking why bother with Christmas fast approaching... I will start back January 1st.

If this is you I want to hear from you, post anonymously if you prefer but please post. Whatever your plan, wether its Weight Watchers, Dukan Diet, Paleo, Zone or a Low Carb diet try to find away to get back on track, with a full month to go until Christmas Day you could make some fantastic progress. That Christmas dinner will taste so much better if you have worked for it! 

So what will you do? Let December be an obstacle and try to jump in with both feet in January, or stick to the plan and power through the month?

Do it now and give yourself a head start for 2012.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Focus on the Steps and Win Tomorrow!

Are striding for change? do you have a goal? Does it seem like you are never going to achieve it, and is that the reason why you give up?

In my work with clients I stress the importance of focusing on the smaller steps towards reaching their desired outcomes. Long term goals can often feel like a marathon or even an Iron man! So come away from the big picture and get re-focused. You can focus 1 week targets, 1 day targets or even 1 meal at a time. 

An interesting concept I have come across comes from the guys at Adonis Index (www.adonisindex.com),
who talk about just "winning 1 day at a time". If you are winning more days that you are losing chances are you are stepping towards that goal. 

So if you have hit a rut, get refocused, look at the short term and tomorrow........ Win the day! 

Exciting news 

Don't forget to check the blog towards the end of the week as we will be launching Fitjoys first Podcast, and please forward this link to family friends, it is free advice that could make a huge difference to someones life.


Monday, 14 November 2011

6 Energy Management Tips (for the under-slept, over-worked, father-of-many)

Hey Guys, just stumbled across this, article from Chris Lopez at Fit and Busy Dad Blog. Six simple but awesome tips for controlling your energy levels. Article is aimed at Dads but all the mums out this definitely applies to you. Check it out.

6 Energy Management Tips (for the under-slept, over-worked, father-of-many)

A thought for Monday Morning

Its 8.20 Monday morning, busy day ahead with clients. Wanted to leave you guys with a word that has become important to me and my thought process. I first became aware of this idea through Anthony Robbins fantastic book- Waking the Giant Within. A really inspiring book to read, check it out if you get the chance.

The Japanese word KAIZEN, which basically translates as- Constantly making small improvements.

Changing to reach a desired outcome is a constant ongoing process, but today why not take one thing and try and do it it better. Bring some Kaizen to your day.

Recent goings on!

In case any of you guys are interested in some of my recent activity, this is me as body double for Chris Tomlinson shooting for Cadburys and 2012 Olympics! I think you will agree that the wig looks great

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The First Blog

Wow my first blog, very exciting. Let me introduce myself, my name is James Temple and I am a fitness professional, you can read more about me at www.fitjoy.co.uk (if you want to read about me that is!). Fitjoy is a company set up by my partner Natalie Owen, this blog is designed to accompany the work Fitjoy is doing to improve peoples lives. Now I don't want to spoil all the surprises, but I will be blogging on a range of subjects relating to Health, fitness and wellbeing, there will be guest bloggers and podcasts.
Excited Yet?

I hope to help and inspire as many people as possible, it should also keep me out of trouble for a while!

Short and sweet for my first blog

Fitjoy Personal Training