Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How much do you want it.... A matter of success.

Good morning everyone I hope you are enjoying the uk heatwave at the moment, and using it as an excuse to get outside and get active. Today's blog topic is simple, but hopefully one that will inspire some exploring into your individual goals/targets and more importantly your motivations behind those goals. I think on some level everyone has desires to improve some aspect of their health, fitness or performance, the question is how clear is that vision? What sacrifices are being made to turn it into a reality. It is important to note there is a big difference between wanting something and being able to make it happen. When looking for the answers to those questions it is important to question two things, firstly why? What is your driving factor behind that goal? And secondly what will it feel like when you achieve it, what do you stand to gain? Clarity is key , and when you break it down the answer is simple, if you want it and your motivations and outcomes are right you will find the way and the answers, you will make it happen! 

-want to eat right.... Self educate yourself, buy some books, read some blogs follow some twitter gurus
- want to get fitter, stronger, lose some weight... Do something different, get some advice, set some tragets, and find something you love. 
-want more time.. Stop watching eastenders and even worse TOWIE. 

There is a famous quote that says , when you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, then you will be successful! 

My final thought for the day is whatever your goal is do you want it this much?? Have a great day 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The breakfast bash up!

Morning to you all...

So it's nothing new for me to talk about breakfast, and in the past have posted various videos and articles. However it still seems to be a real stumbling block for people, and in many can set a bad trend that lasts throughout the day. In my experience with clients (and myself) I have learned the importance of breaking away from the 'so called' breakfast foods, and open yourself up to more choices that are typically eaten later in the day! One question I get asked more than ever is "what do you eat for breakfast"? So for the next three days I am going to tell you!
Organic diced beef (grilled)
Served on oatcakes
2 poached eggs on the top and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds.
Water and organic coffee served in a floral mug... Because I'm a dam rockstar!

Now I know what your thinking, "oh I could never eat that for breakfast", but have you ever tried? The golden rule with breakfast is-
1) Always give yourself enough time to prepare good choices (hitting snooze means morning panic and reverting back to convenient and crappy breakfasts!)
2) be more open minded with food choices
3) buy yourself a floral mug... They are the pinnacle of masculinity! Every house needs one

Breakfast two to come tomorrow...
Have a happy and healthy day.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Guest Author Mike Manning with Fitness on the Road!

Always flattered when I get people wanting to post on my Blog, so if any of my idols in industry happen to read this (paul chek, Sean Croxton, Robb Wolf or Dr Kelly Starrett) and want part of the Fitjoy action please hit me up! 

So article below written by Mike Manning, and is an insight into the importance of Exercise when on the road or travelling. You can check out Mikes blogs on the link below. Hope you enjoy. 

Staying Fit While On the Road by Mike Manning 

When it comes to eating well, we tend to think about our own kitchens. However, the truth of the matter is that plenty of us spend a lot of time on the road, and when this happens, all of our goals go right out of the window! Take a moment to consider what your options are going to be when you are thinking about traveling. states that while there is nothing wrong with enjoying your vacation, you need to be aware of how you can stop your vacation from ruining your fitness goals.

Living the Fit Lifestyle on the Road
Lots of people are thinking about getting more fit, and you'll find that with just by keeping a few things in mind, you are going to be able to get your exercise done while away from home. On a recent trip to Las Vegas I made sure to do my research on some of the best reviews sites for the best Las Vegas hotels. From this, I was able to check out the amenities and see what my friends, and expert reviewers deemed as the best hotels for my buck. For example, look for hotels that have great fitness studios or that offer boot camp/yoga classes. Good exercise can even affect the way that you fly. Consider the fact that the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport now has walking paths strictly for exercise in some concourses. These exercise trends are beginning to take over travel and the travel business.

Stop and Exercise
Have you ever got out of the car and been ready to fall over? Driving or riding in a car is stressful to the body, and because of that, a little bit of exercise is a good idea. Many of us feel groggy or tired when we first get up after a drive, so consider doing ten or twenty jumping jacks instead. This can leave you feel much more invigorated.

Being Mindful

Remember that when you are on the road, you are not going to have the same access to the healthy food that you would like. It can be pretty hard to pass up the convenience of fast food if you are hungry, and that is where meal and snack planning comes in. It never helps to be hungry when you are traveling, so instead, make sure that if you are going to snack, that you have the right snacks on you. Having a granola bar can fend off the hunger pangs when you are driving, and it can keep you going until you get to a healthier alternative.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Training environments: Get experimental!

It's not very often I blog about workouts but today's training gave me a refreshing reminder of the idea of varying your training environment. Today my gym was a tree, an open field and of course some long awaited sunshine
Training variables like sets, reps, tempo and rest are well documented, but changing your workout environment is often something that is neglected.
So here it is.....
Workout 45mins, 3 bits of kit only- kettlebells, trx (and a tree), and a rumble roller.
5 rounds, 10 reps, 20 rest.
Kettlebell squat press
Trx press up to crunch
Kettlebell swings (2handed)
Trx rows (testing the strength of that tree)
Kettlebell lunge walk
So painful rolling and mobilising to finish

The essentials to this workout-simplicity, the freshest of air, no shows (not even vibrams) for some grounding, sunshine, and being amongst nature (I like the sound of birds,there I said it!)

So ask yourself this, do I always exercise in the same environment? Are you on some levels bored of that environment? If so I suggest broaden your choices, get experimental an feel as good as I did today.

The photo posted I of a client of mine, making the most of the great outdoors, and literally rocking the battle ropes!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Action from Fitjoy

Hey Guys

A quick video from Fitjoy and head trainer James on how to have healthier pancakes today. With some simple tips, some unbelievable tossing (pancake) techniques and some alternatives to traditional high sugar choices. Hope you guys enjoy, feel free to share some of your recipes with me!

Have a great pancake day guys from all the Fitjoy team.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Have you tried swinging! Intro to Kettlebells

Well here it is!! 

This video does all the talking! A great intro to kettlebell training and why if you have not tried it you must be bonkers! Plus see me sweating and straining for a change! Enjoy 

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Sticking in 2013!

Here we go.... 

First Vid of many this month (apologies about the quality-different camera), this vid focuses on how stick exercise and make a year long commitment. Don't be a January and Feb  only person! Don't let those good intentions vanish in six weeks. Follow the steps in Vid and break norm in 2013!

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