Thursday, 15 March 2012

BOKWA arrives at Fitjoy!

Good afternoon to you all

Just a quick post to announce that Fitjoy will starting a new class.... Bokwa Fitness starts very soon and the best bit is for the first week only you can try the class for FREE! 

Bokwa Fitness is an exercise dance class that combines cardio conditioning, strength training and flexibility. Furthermore, it integrates customary African dance with boxing maneuvers. The name came from a combination of two other words; "BO" stands for light boxing and "KWA" symbolizes the traditional dance Kwaito.

The classes start on: 

Thursdays 8.15-9pm at Chichester High School for Girls in the Dance Studio. First class/free trial on 22nd of March 

Mondays 6-6.45pm at Selsey Centre. First class/free trial on 9th of April

Want to know more? Check out the vid below

So come on down try it for free and be part of the Bokwa Fitness Craze! 

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  1. Gutted that I'm going to be away on 22nd - this looks great!