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The Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Cancer Patients. Guest Post from David Haas

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Really excited and pleased to introduce the first guest post. Article below talks about the importance of good diet and exercise in both cancer patients and cancer prevention. The article was composed by David Haas, if you want to know more about David and his work then follow the link below. Thanks to David for the article and please share this with anyone who you feel it could potentially help.  You could save a life. 

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The Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Cancer Patients

Cancer is a horrible life-changing disease that millions of people suffer from every year.  In the United States cancer is the second greatest cause of death.  There are many forms of cancer, such as Lung cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Mesothelioma Cancer, and many more.  The causes vary almost as much as the types of cancer.  The main cause is tobacco, which causes the majority of Lung Cancer and Throat Cancer cases.  However, sitting in second place in terms of risk, is the lack of a good diet along with obesity.  This means that if an individual practices a good diet and remains physically active, it will actually help prevent certain cancers from forming.  It is important to know that it is not a cure, merely a preventative measure.  Fitness and well-being are important for not just individuals who want to keep healthy, but for those who have already been diagnosed with cancer, and also those who have been treated for cancer and are fighting remission.  

Even though physical activity and a healthy diet will not cure cancer, it can prolong their life.  There have been studies, which have concluded that cancer patients who maintain physical activity and undergo physical therapy often have a better chance of surviving longer than those who do not.   A study was done on women with breast cancer, which found out that if they continued to participate in physical activity over the course of two years after being diagnosed with cancer, they tended to live longer.

Not only do some studies state that physical activity can help prolong life in cancer patients, but it also helps to keep their quality of life as comfortable as possible.  Physical therapy and activity will help with some of the symptoms of cancer, such as nausea and vomiting.  Physical activity will also help keep one’s strength and energy up, especially since cancer tends to make its victims much weaker, draining their energy.   It has also been proven to improve the mood of an individual, as well as their self-confidence.  Cancer is such a serious life threatening disease that many individuals afflicted by it can fall into a deep depression.  Exercise keeps cancer patients' moods up and helps them stay positive.  That kind of positive mentality is necessary when battling cancer.

According to many different studies, keeping a good diet as well as remaining physically active helps patients who have survived cancer as well.   Not only will it help cancer survivors regain the strength they most likely lost fighting cancer off, it will help prevent those patients from going into remission. In fact, cancer has a higher chance of recurring in an individual if they are overweight..

In addition to regular treatments for Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, Throat Cancer, and the many other variety of cancers out there, cancer patients should also keep up with physical activity and have a healthy diet.  Not only does it help in improving their mood and confidence after being diagnosed as well as possibly prolonging their life, it will also help prevent them from going into remission after they have been treated.

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