Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Focus on the Steps and Win Tomorrow!

Are striding for change? do you have a goal? Does it seem like you are never going to achieve it, and is that the reason why you give up?

In my work with clients I stress the importance of focusing on the smaller steps towards reaching their desired outcomes. Long term goals can often feel like a marathon or even an Iron man! So come away from the big picture and get re-focused. You can focus 1 week targets, 1 day targets or even 1 meal at a time. 

An interesting concept I have come across comes from the guys at Adonis Index (,
who talk about just "winning 1 day at a time". If you are winning more days that you are losing chances are you are stepping towards that goal. 

So if you have hit a rut, get refocused, look at the short term and tomorrow........ Win the day! 

Exciting news 

Don't forget to check the blog towards the end of the week as we will be launching Fitjoys first Podcast, and please forward this link to family friends, it is free advice that could make a huge difference to someones life.


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