Tuesday, 29 November 2011

January 1st 2012........ Why wait?

This Blog is for anyone on a weight loss journey! As we enter December are you on track or do you find yourself thinking why bother with Christmas fast approaching... I will start back January 1st.

If this is you I want to hear from you, post anonymously if you prefer but please post. Whatever your plan, wether its Weight Watchers, Dukan Diet, Paleo, Zone or a Low Carb diet try to find away to get back on track, with a full month to go until Christmas Day you could make some fantastic progress. That Christmas dinner will taste so much better if you have worked for it! 

So what will you do? Let December be an obstacle and try to jump in with both feet in January, or stick to the plan and power through the month?

Do it now and give yourself a head start for 2012.

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