Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Training environments: Get experimental!

It's not very often I blog about workouts but today's training gave me a refreshing reminder of the idea of varying your training environment. Today my gym was a tree, an open field and of course some long awaited sunshine
Training variables like sets, reps, tempo and rest are well documented, but changing your workout environment is often something that is neglected.
So here it is.....
Workout 45mins, 3 bits of kit only- kettlebells, trx (and a tree), and a rumble roller.
5 rounds, 10 reps, 20 rest.
Kettlebell squat press
Trx press up to crunch
Kettlebell swings (2handed)
Trx rows (testing the strength of that tree)
Kettlebell lunge walk
So painful rolling and mobilising to finish

The essentials to this workout-simplicity, the freshest of air, no shows (not even vibrams) for some grounding, sunshine, and being amongst nature (I like the sound of birds,there I said it!)

So ask yourself this, do I always exercise in the same environment? Are you on some levels bored of that environment? If so I suggest broaden your choices, get experimental an feel as good as I did today.

The photo posted I of a client of mine, making the most of the great outdoors, and literally rocking the battle ropes!

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